Windows Client

Easy image uploading for Windows.

Current version: 1.1.2

The new MyIMG Windows Client allows you to easily upload images from your Windows PC.

Add watched folders for automatic upload on new images created in the given folders.
Works perfectly together with software like Fraps!
Watched folders

Just set your favorite album as default album and all images will be uploaded directly into the given album.
Default album

Is one default album not enough for you?
Just use our Filter System to automatically sort your images in albums!
Filter rules

This app can run completely in the background and can start with the windows start!
App settings

Feature overview:

Feature Uploading single images without logging in to the website
Feature Automatic uploading of new images in watched folders
Feature Default albums to upload
Feature Filters to sort new images from watched folders automatically to the right albums
Feature Runs completely in the background and on windows start

Planned features:

  • Desktop screenshots
  • Window screenshots
  • Region screenshots
  • Game screenshots
  • Folder upload
  • and much more...

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