Terms of service

To upload images to MyIMG.be you have to follow some rules:

§1 We are not liable for images that violate the rights of others. The IP of the user is stored on each upload. The user is liable itself.

§2 MyIMG.be reserves the right to remove any image without stating a reason. Explicity meant are those images that are anti-Semitic, racist, which violate copyrights, violate laws or other rights! Violation of these rules will result in exclusion.

§3 All uploaded images are copyrighted by their respecive owners!

§4 The uploader must have the necessary rights and the permission to publish the picture of photo.

§5 We reserve the right to exclude users from uploading images, which abuse the service.

§6 We are not liable for the content of other websites linked on this page, for example Company Websites and Download Links on the Apps site.

§7 We are not responsible for all unofficial Apps!